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Welcome to Jupiter Inlet Colony

Jupiter Inlet Colony is a small town situated just on the southern coast of Jupiter Island , Florida. The total area of this small town is less than a quarter square mile (half of it water).
The town has a population of just over 400 full-time residents including famous golfers (Tiger Woods, Greg Norman, Gary Player, and Nick Price), and entertainers (Celine Dion, Kid Rock, and Olivia Newton John to name a few). Unsurprisingly, Jupiter Inlet Colony has the 2nd highest per capita income in the country.

History Housing

It was after the end of the Second World War that investors started showing interest in the land off Jupiter Island. Jack Whitney, along with two partners, purchased the entire southern side of the island. The initial plan was for Whitney to build a house and leave the island as it is. As things turned out, Charlie Martyn bought 86 acres of land from Whitney in 1958, paying over $3,000 per acre. It was Martyn who conceived the idea for the Colony and laid out the initial plans. By 1962, there were 155 houses in the area with 300 inhabitants. A decade later, 90% of the land had been covered by houses. At present, you will see 240 houses in the town, making Jupiter Inlet Colony one of the fastest growing towns in the US.
Given that the population is just over 400 and 75% of the households have two or more people living there, there are plenty of houses available for buying or renting in the town. Most homes in Jupiter Inlet Colony are waterfront, but even those that aren’t have only a short walk to the area’s private beach. If you visit the beach during late spring and early summer, you’re almost certain to glimpse turtles nesting on sections of the beach – a real treat to behold.


Most homes in Jupiter Inlet Colony feature modern architecture. This is quite natural given the fact that the entire town is just over half a century old. The location of the town on the southern tip of Jupiter Island means that most homes face the water. Waterfront terraces are a popular option here and you will find several of them up for rent and sale. The houses are elegantly designed, and well suited for family life.


For a small town, Jupiter Inlet Colony features many activities for you to explore. When it comes to food, you have plenty of options on hand. You can get fresh seafood at Pinders’ Seafood and Marketplace or enjoy exquisite grilled food at Pep’s Island Grill. There are many other restaurants, eateries and bars you can check out. For a day out with the family, you have the John D. MacArthur Park nearby. You will also find amusement parks, bowling alleys and museums.
If you are one for the great outdoors, you can try hiking and cycling while fishing is open all year round. There are some sports facilities on offer here as well, including the Abacoa Golf Club. That aside, there are a variety of water sports you should check out.

The town also offers residents a private and affordable Beach Club, located right where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Intercoastal. The Club offers picturesque views of the bluest waters in all of Florida.

If boating and fishing is your passion, the town also has a public marina on the east side of the Intercoastal. The marina provides boaters with quick access to the Jupiter Inlet, as well as to the Atlantic Ocean. These waters are teeming with some of the best fishing in all of the state.
Jupiter Inlet Colony is a quaint, family-friendly town that would make an ideal home for anyone looking to live near the water and get away from the urban sprawl of larger communities in Southern Florida.