BallenIslesAre you one enthusiastic golf player who wants a home in a gated and luxury community? Then why not find a house in the BallenIsles community, which offers a comfortable living experience with a championship golf course as an added bonus!

Location of the Community

This country club and residential community is built right in the very heart of the Palm Beach area. The BallenIsles is built on a land expanse of about 1300 acres, and is the ideal choice for all those who want to live in comfortable luxury.

There are 33 different neighborhoods in the community, and aspiring residents can choose a home I any one of them.

Details of the Units

The community has more than 1500 housing units. The houses in the different neighborhoods, have a floor plan which ranges from 1800 square feet golf villas and patio houses, to the more exclusively luxurious property home estates.

Community Amenities and Features

The community offers a grand Clubhouse which measures to 72,000 square feet, while a spa, tennis and restaurant facility are amenities available at the club community. A luxurious pool area and a championship design golf course are stellar features of this unique luxury community.

From comfortable living to luxury lifestyles having all basic and other amenities all within easy reach, that is what BallenIsles has to offer.

If you have always wanted such a house in a residential community, which is part of the premier country club, then choose a villa, patio house or a large estate, whichever meets your needs better, and spend your life in the lap of luxury!