Bamboo Point ~ Jupiter Real Estate

Bamboo PointIf you are fond of the classic style of Florida’s architecture, then look for your new home in Bamboo Point, near the shores of the Loxahatchee River, in Jupiter, Florida.

This small yet exclusive community is built right beside the river along the Loxahatchee River Road, and all of the properties within this neighborhood are either provided with beautiful views of the river and direct access to the ocean, or are built within large and wonderful pieces of land that surround the house.

The Neighborhood in Bamboo Point

Bamboo Point is a community in itself, but being a very tiny neighborhood, it is only located on only one street, known as Bamboo Lane, that contains the 14 houses of the community. The small size of the locality allows people to interact with one another on close terms and there is a genuine neighborly feeling within all of the residents within Bamboo Point.

The neighborhood is also free from mandatory golf memberships and homeowner association fees, allowing homeowners to enjoy their property in peace, as they desire. Bamboo Point is also a family friendly neighborhood, which is highly in demand for its spacious homes, and is perfect for those homeowners who love to enjoy themselves on the water or outdoors.

Homes within Bamboo Point

Out of the 14 homes, most of them are provided with 230 feet of seawall and a docking area, with some of the riverbanks being covered with mangroves. Some of the homes are also equipped with their own private pools.

As the oldest neighborhood within Jupiter, its homes were originally built in the 1960, with many of them being torn down with time and being rebuilt with modern amenities and renovations.

Families can enjoy picnic on their land, or plan boating and fishing outings with their friends; the outdoor recreational activities are unlimited.

Features of Bamboo Point

Although the community seems secluded on its own lane, it is actually in close proximity to the Indiantown Road and is just at a few minutes’ drive from I-95 and the Florida Turnpike. Thus, the neighborhood is close to the various facilities and activities that make Jupiter their home.

Due to the beautiful tropical weather of the region, homeowners living within Bamboo Point are provided with plenty of opportunities to take out their boats for fishing and boating trips over the river. You can even buy your own yacht to tour the river.

Along with all this, some of the best restaurants, shopping areas, and beaches of Jupiter are located near Bamboo Point and simply await your arrival when you live in this picturesque neighborhood. It is also near to many well-reputed and high standard education institutions, so families will not have to compromise on their children’s education when they move to Bamboo Point.

Being situated at a central location within Jupiter allows the residents of Bamboo Point to make the most of the nightlife and recreation that the city has to offer. So if you want to move to Jupiter, Florida, opt for Bamboo Point as your new neighborhood.