Beachcomber, Jupiter


TBeachcomber, Jupiterhe Jupiter beaches are famous all over Florida for their myriad of beautiful, water-facing communities and one of these communities is Beachcomber. A gated area comprised of townhouses and condominiums, offering you the very best in terms of housing and luxury. Since not everybody can access it, it is great for providing security for you and your family, as well as allowing you to be part of an elite band of members with special privileges. You can enjoy the very best of what Florida has to offer, and have all the private space you need when you become a member of the Beachcomber community in Jupiter, FL.

The community is a premier secluded space for you and your family to live in and enjoy without having to worry about safety, and the general public. It’ll be like a membership to an exclusive club and you get to enjoy its benefits every single day. There are fourteen buildings in Beachcomber, and they hold a total of fifty-six condos, each with screened porches, vaulted ceilings, and detached garages.

There are two- and three-story townhouses in the community as well, with large airy balconies display breathtaking views of the ocean and a generous passing of the refreshing sea breeze. Depending on the size of these townhouses, they may be fitted with granite countertops, wood or marble flooring, and high-end kitchen and home appliances. Inside the gated community, you can enjoy certain amenities like a community swimming pool, hot tub, spa, and private access to the gorgeous beaches.

The beaches are a whole other topic on their own; who wouldn’t want to live near the ocean, and wake up to the magnificent sight of the horizon, and fall asleep under a velvet night strewn with constellations? Imagine the soothing rhythm of waves as the background music for your everyday life, and a fresh ocean breeze carrying the pleasing smell of salt over to you whenever the tide is high. We are attracted to water, and as human beings, we will always be enchanted by its mysteries. Living near the beach will give you enough opportunity to ponder this as you walk along the shore.

If you are more activity-oriented, you won’t be disappointed either. Since Beachcomber is conveniently located on the border between Juno and Jupiter, there is quick and easy transport available for both towns, and a wide range of shops, restaurants, and boutiques to choose from. The finest dining will be available to you, as well as stylish and trendy clothing options at the best boutiques in town. You can go ahead and explore these towns, mingle with the locals, and learn more about their fascinating histories.

If you wish to buy property that is private, beautiful, and luxurious, Beachcomber is just the place for you. With its open views, myriad of amenities and great climactic conditions, you can’t find a better community for your home.