Colony at Maplewood

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Colony at Maplewood

Built during the early 1990s, the Colony at Maplewood is a charming and small family friendly community located within the district of Maplewood in Jupiter, Florida. The district of Maplewood is located next to the Abacoa district and both the neighborhoods share a lot of the external features and amenities that are available to the residents.

More about the Colony at Maplewood

Clean, traffic free and smooth streets lined with trees greet all those who enter into the Colony. This quiet community is the perfect home for small families that want to enjoy Jupiter to the maximum while living here as a resident.

Even though the neighborhood is located within the heart of Jupiter, it is filled with serenity and peace, providing easy access to a list of facilities and amenities without bothering the residents with the hustle and bustle of a busy city.

The Colony is located on a dead end street along Jones Creek, making it easier to safeguard and secure from intruders and uninvited guests. Additionally, once outside the Colony, residents can easily reach the Intracoastal Waterway and the Atlantic Ocean by road. At just a short drive away, you can also reach the I95 and the Florida Turnpike with ease, from where residents can arrive at the nearest airport and other adjacent cities.

Residential Properties and Amenities at the Colony at Maplewood

Although Maplewood contains nearly 129 homes, only 33 of these are part of the Colony at Maplewood. All of the properties at the Colony at Maplewood are single-family homes that have been designed with spacious interiors. Glossy and smooth wooden floors, large living spaces, and open backyard patios are some of the standard features of the homes within the Colony and a beautifully scenic picture of the community is completed with the gorgeous views that these homes offer of the creek.

The homes are all built with a Key West style that is charming and elegant, with the average living space ranging from 1,700 square meters to 2,500 square meters. The homes are air conditioned, with the residents being provided with a community pool just like as if they were living within a resort.

People living within the Colony at Maplewood can also talk a small walk to reach the Maplewood Park, which is just across the street from the pool. They can also enjoy the comfort of docking their boats near their homes within the Colony at the neighborhood’s dock.

Nearby, residents of the Colony can find some of Jupiter’s finest dining, shopping and entertainment centers. The district is also located within a prestigious A-rated educational zone, which offers the best educational intuitions within the city. The Jerry Thomas Elementary School is also at walking distance or a short bike ride away.

The beauty and natural surroundings make Maplewood one of the prime locations for homeowners and the strategic location of the Colony keeps it safe and secure. Families with kids can relax and let their children enjoy the outdoors in peace, as the Colony at Maplewood is well protected; and remains one of the best options for people who are searching for a property In Jupiter.

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