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CorinthiansBuilt in the year 1985, the Corinthians is a condo complex within Jupiter, Florida. Home to 56 condo units, this complex is the ultimate example of luxurious living in the heart of Jupiter, where numerous small communities are built within the city.

Location of the Corinthians

The Corinthians are located south of the Indiantown Road, between US Highway 1 and A1A. Moving 10 minutes to the north of the Corinthians, you can reach the Town of Jupiter, whereas, a short travel of 10 minutes south of the property can take you to the Palm Beach Gardens.

The Corinthians are best suited for single families who wish to enjoy the recreational facilities of a beach town like Jupiter, to the fullest, as this complex provides easy access to beaches, parks, restaurants, sports facilities, and educational centers that Jupiter has to offer.

Features of the Corinthians

The condo complex of the Corinthians features a central atrium with a six storey building hosting 56 luxurious condos. Most of the front condos have gorgeous views of the ocean and seaside; with the beaches of Jupiter, spreading along the horizon as far as the eye can see, contrasting the sandy beaches with the deep blue of the water and the sky.

Parking for the residents of the Corinthians is provided within the complex’s underground garage, with tennis courts being built adjacent to it. The beach is at a close proximity for all those that live here, as a short walk over the dunes can lead you towards the water. Condo residents at the Corinthians can also benefit from the pool, sauna, exercising facility, as well as the extra storage facilities provided by the complex.

As it the case with all condo complexes, most of the care of the complex rests on the shoulders of the association, with all care of the public facilities, lawns, pest control, water and sewage facilities, cable TV and roof insurance being covered in the monthly maintenance charges applied on the residents.

Floor Plan of the Condo Units in the Corinthians

Units in the Corinthians vary in size, being within the range of 1,500 square feet to 1,900 square feet, with all of them containing either 2 or 3 bedrooms, with the secondary rooms being separated from the master bedroom. Each unit has a living room and dining room combination, with a large balcony and an eat-in kitchen. The complex is known for its pet friendly environment, which allows each resident to own a single pet.

Additional Features of the Condos in the Corinthians

Within each unit, recent renovations have resulted in a modern style of interior décor, with marble floors, exquisite lighting fixtures, granite counters, and large open kitchens and bathrooms, fitted with modern amenities and appliances.

As the beach nearest to the Corinthians is the Friends of Jupiter Beach, it also allows canines on the beach. Thus, you can live with your pet within the Corinthians and take them for a walk in the mornings and evenings to the sandy beach just outside the complex’s door.

If you are looking for a condo for your family within Jupiter, Florida, then the Corinthians complex is the ideal location for your new abode.

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