Fernwood Creek ~ Jupiter Real Estate

Fernwood Creek-Jupiter

Arriving at the neighborhood of Fernwood Creek in Jupiter, FL, one is often amazed to find a landscape that’s both elegant and simple. You can actually appreciate the peace and quiet that is there, instead of a deafening silence – that is quite suffocating – that greets one in these laid-off communities.

To say that most of the housing projects sit directly on the waterfront will not be an understatement. With breathtaking views of the waterways, perfectly manicured lawns, and spacious lots to hang around the locality has proved to be a blessing for residents.

Mapping It Out

The beautiful subdivision has an even lovelier community positioned adjacent to one of the notorious streets of the town, i.e. Center Street. In other words it means the residents can enjoy what’s arguably the closest proximity to places that are vibrant and bustling with life and energy. Whether it’s the cafes, restaurants, or bars that you are seeking, Fernwood Creek has it all. To top it all, there are even first rate schools that offer high quality education and trained teachers who ensure their young charges realize their full potential.

Planning Adventure and Activities

As mentioned, a downtown community doesn’t entail you are not living a urban life anymore. For sport lovers, there’s water sports including boating that you can enjoy. Simply being close to the Loxahatchee River and the pristine beaches is something worth living in Fernwood Creek as well. Food and entertainment lovers, have easy access to some of the best boutiques retail shops, restaurants, etc for residents and especially families to enjoy..

Living in Fernwood Creek

Most of the homes you see here are built on a scale of 1500-2000 square feet at reasonable prices for the middle-class population a three-bedroom, two-bath of living space. A few of these have been obviously custom-built to cover more than 4000 square feet even.

Considering the facilities that have been listed for the community, there are split bedrooms, vaulted ceilings and walk-in closets to enjoy the large lots. Evaluating the space outside, there are swimming pools, open patios, privacy fences, and private boat docks for residents to enjoy.

Some of the old-fashioned homes have also been customized and redesigned with modern touches to suit luxurious lifestyles. These may have a tiled interior, a formal dining setup, a family room sharing a two-way fireplace with another room, preferably kitchen. There can also be a gaming room with bar. Plus, the owners make sure that both the master suite and kitchen areas in particular are well-equipped and accessorized.

Despite its appealing nature, the area is yet to have the ideal share of population. Therefore, if living this kind of lifestyle is a priority for you, that is to live in a home which is traditionally built for single-family enjoying the modification both in structure, in amenities that come with living a community life, and with the action surrounding the place, you can always be part of this locality.