Garden Villas

Want to live in beautiful townhomes in the amazing city of Florida? Want to live at the heart of the Palm Beach Garden area? If you want to wake up to breathtaking beach views everyday, then Garden Villas is the perfect choice for you!

Location of the Community

These homes are located quite near to the much popular US Highway 1. The Garden Villas community is located within the North River Shores area, and is a select and ideal community with easily accessible amenities and great views all around!

Features of the Housing Units

The community has numerous townhomes for a comfortable lifestyle experience. The townhouses have been designed with distinct concrete and block frames, which were designed and constructed in the 1980s. Each townhouse unit has been designed with a floor plan having two storey living spaces and 4 unit options.

Amenities of the Community

While being quite a small community, you will surely find all the amenities within easy reach of the area. From shops to restaurants and dining options to different entertainment venues, the residents of this community enjoy a complete lifestyle.

With comfortable spaces, equipped with all the features needed for satisfactory living and a community with easily accessible amenities, you know you have hit the jackpot. With the stellar location and the quality design of the community, you can be sure to enjoy a living experience with your family, which will help you enjoy all the attractions of Florida without having to go out of your way to reach out the attractive sights.

Make the right choice and enjoy satisfactory living today.