Island Cove

Island CoveDo you want a home which offers access to the ocean and is the ultimate in luxury living? If you have always dreamed of homes with expansive living spaces and every luxury one could possibly want, from a stellar location to attractive features, then the houses in Island Cove are just the thing!

Location of the Community

The charming community of Island Cove is located along the Intracoastal in the Jupiter residential area. It is a great option for ultimate high end luxury living. This community is located at the north end of the Jupiter community area, right off the scenic Loxahatchee River road. It is directly built on the Intracoastal Waterway.

Features of the Residential Units

The community offers around 4 acres of states with a waterfront view. Each of these states has sprawling expansive grounds which have a floor plan range of around 8000 to 11000 square feet. Each housing unit is fitted with ultra modern amenities, which are part and parcel of a million dollar property.

You can find homes built in 2004, as well as those constructed in 2011, so select the one which has a style and features which most suit your needs.

Community Featured Amenities

Access to boats is available to all community residents, and they can explore the ocean easily with no foxed bridges to trouble their day trips. The residents can also enjoy an unobstructed boat trip from the community right down to the Jupiter Inlet.

A wide variety of dining, shopping and entertainment options are available within easy distance of the community. All the basic amenities are also present nearby, which ensures an easy and luxurious lifestyle for all residents.

Do you want to live in such a community? Then buy a house in the Island Cove community!

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