Jupiter River Estates

Jupiter River Estates

Are you looking for a suitably sized home in a perfect location? Then the home options in Jupiter Estates are sure to grab your attention! The community offers comfortable dwellings to accommodate the living needs of a variety of people.

Location Of The Community

The community is situated on a large area and offers a house plan to suit every lifestyle. The community homes are built in central Jupiter, which is present near the North County Aquatic Centre. The Jupiter Christian School is also built near the community.

Some of the homes are also built on the small creeks that are easily visible winding through the area.

Community House Details

The community homes have a floor plan with two or three bedrooms, which have either one or two bathroom spaces in the original floor plan. The floor plan of the houses offer around 1000 square feet of comfortable living space.

The homes near the Loxahatchee River are bigger in size with a waterfront view, and a floor plan ranging to 5000 square feet. These homes offer six bedrooms with four bathrooms, and private swimming pools.

The homes of the community get bigger as it leads to the centre of Jupiter, while starter homes that have been built on small tributaries and creeks, offer an easy boat ride to the Inlet.

Amenities And Features For Satisfactory Living

The community homes are ideally situated near the “A” rated schools of the neighborhood, and also ensure easy access to a variety of neighborhood facilities like, a Town Hall, Public Library, Aquatic Centre, Community Centre and Post Office.

The community is only at a five minutes drive away from a number of family friendly parks, like Carlin, Jupiter Inlet Park and Dubois.

If you want a waterfront house, with ample living space, then opt for a home in Jupiter River Estates.

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