Loxahatchee Pointe

Loxahatchee Pointe

Loxahatchee Pointe

Have you always wanted a house with a great view of the river? The community of Loxahatchee Pointe offers comfortable residential units which are constructed on the banks of the river! The lovely location and the living quarters ensure a comfortable living experience for all!

Location Of The Waterfront Community

The community has been built right on the banks of the Loxahatchee Pointe and thus, offers a magnificent view along with a peaceful environment for a highly satisfactory living experience.

The residential units were built by the late 1990s in the neighborhood, and this boating community has been popular due to its unique location and luxurious residential units.

Residency Options Available In The Community

The community has single family homes as well as custom estates as residency options. The family homes are available in a choice of a single and double storey living space. The custom estates ensure spacious living room, with a variety of custom options to choose from.

Popular Amenities And Community Features

As most of the homes were completed by the end of the 1990’s, these properties have features which are symbolic of the trends of that time. The houses have granite countertops, built in cabinetry and French doors, while other community featured amenities include, boat lifts, swimming pools and private docks.

If living in a waterfront community, which offers a wide range of satisfactory amenities, is what you seek, then the single family homes and custom houses in this neighborhood are a great choice for you.

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