Osceola Woods

Osceola Woods

Osceola Woods Jupiter FL

Want a home in a community which carefully integrates all the components of daily life like school, work, entertainment and recreation within one living space? Then Osceola Woods is the perfect home option.

The community was built as a suburban sprawl, all across South Florida, to allow the residents to enjoy life in a small area in comfort.

Geographical Location

Osceola Woods is a select community built in Abacoa. It was built with the idea of combining the various aspects of life as mentioned above. As Abacoa is centrally located in Jupiter, this community is thus, situated at an ideal location within the area.

Community Housing Details

The community includes a total of 146 houses, all of which are three storey housing units, which help you combine work and family life easily without any hassle.

The floor plan of the houses has a size which ranges from 1,800 to 2,000 square feet. The houses have been constructed with a work office space on the first floor, and a spacious kitchen with a living area on the second floor of the house.

There are two bedrooms built on the third floor of the townhouse. These townhouses are more luxurious than any others in the Abacoa area. The house features include stainless steel appliances, Corian and granite counters, with hardwood floors and lots more.

Amenities And Features

The community offers a pool for entertainment and many of the office spaces in the houses have been changed to media rooms. The community is built adjacent to the preserve areas in Abacoa and the townhouses offer a clear view of this scenic region.

Being centrally located, the community is built near A rated schools, famous beaches and shopping centers present in the city of Jupiter.

Want a luxury three storey townhouse in a centrally located community? Then Osceola Woods offers the ideal residence for you!

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