Ranch Colony

Ranch ColonyIf you are looking for a house in a centrally located community which boasts an amazingly charming country landscape, complete with all the basic amenities you desire, then Ranch Colony is the one for you!

Community Location

The community is built in the very centre of Jupiter, at the north end of the Martin and North Beach County. The neighborhood is built over 2000 acres of beautiful and charming country landscape with a total of 257 custom-styled and well-designed homes.

It has been designed with wide open spaces, secluded and private residences, and has earned renown for excellence in the area.

Home Details

The 257 homes within the community are distributed over a total of 5 major subdivisions within Ranch Colony. The subdivisions are Tailwinds, Old Trail, Ranch Estates, Cypress Links, and Ranch Acres.

Tailwinds is built as an airpark style community, with homes exclusively designed for pilots. These houses have a 2,700 foot runway, which is fully paved and well-lit. Houses are constructed on 5 to7 acre sites.

Old Trail in contrast, is a golf community, having homes built over 0.75 to 1.5 acres in total. Residents enjoy a great life on the lush golf course and enjoy playing the sport to their heart’s content.

Meanwhile, Ranch Estate is a subdivision which has ranches built on 20 to 50 acres of land. The community is ideal for cattle ranchers and equestrians.

Ranch Acres has houses which are built as mini ranches, ranging from 5 to 9 acres in size. These are surrounded by a very beautiful country setting, making them ideal homes.

Lastly, The Links or Cypress Links is just the place for a golf lover; as the homes are built surrounding the 18-hole golf course. The homes range in size from 1 to 5 acres.

Community Features And Available Amenities

All basic amenities are available within easy reach of the community due to the central location of Ranch Colony. Privacy and seclusion, along with custom built houses, coupled with all the necessary features and a charming landscape are offered here.

Choose a subdivision and select a house in the surroundings of your choice!

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