Tailwinds Airpark


The development of Tailwind Airpark began in 1997, and the place is basically an aviation based community that offers its residents a peaceful environment where they can live peacefully and enjoy aviation with their neighbors in an open space.

Location of the Community

Tailwind Airpark is located 60 miles east of Dallas, approximately 2 miles north of I-20 quite near Canton. The exclusive community is a great choice for residents who own their own small planes and helicopters and want to fly them on the premises.

Just outside the gates of Ranch Colony are great shops, restaurants, schools, and beaches. The yachting marina is another popular attraction, which is hardly a ten minute drive to the Intracoastal and Atlantic Ocean. Furthermore, the Tailwinds Airport Community is quite near the Florida Turnpike which makes it 20 minutes away from Palm Beach and the Palm Beach International Airport.

Features of the Units

The Tailwinds Airpark community consists of fifty-one, five acre homes that are custom made and are surrounded by plane taxiways, 2700 foot of paved surface, and plane taxiways. The unit size varies from Mediterranean mansions to comfortable 3000 square foot ranches. In addition, there is plenty of room for people to store their single engine helicopters and aircrafts and a lot of homeowners have their own workshops where they work on their vehicles.

Community Offered Amenities

Tailwinds Airpark offers several amenities to its residents. The community has a private equestrian facility, a landing strip, and two golf courses.

If you want to live in an open space where you are free to aviate, then Tailwind Airpark is the perfect place for you.