The Links

For people who want to live in a private and secluded community where they can easily play golf, The Links is the perfect place.

Location of the Community

The Links is a subdivision of the Ranch Colony in Jupiter, Florida. The Links is centrally located and there are several well known places around it that its residents can visit in their leisure time.

Features of the Units

The Links homes are famous for their sturdy structure and beautiful designs, which is great for people who love the Floridian lifestyle. The real estate consists of 51 lots that range from one to five acres, and the homes feature cherry floors, outdoor kitchens, and indoor swimming pools.

Community Offered Amenities

The Links has several amenities to offer to its residents, along with a clubhouse that is used for gathering, events and outings. The community even offers horse riding and fishing facilities to its residents that are a great source of activity for people who love to stay outdoors. Other than this, there is a swimming pool, where the residents usually go to relax. If you have kids, then they will love the playground while adults can enjoy the nightlife found only a few blocks away. In conclusion, The Links is the place to be for people who want to play golf or simply practice within the community.

If you want to practice golf and live in a private location, then The Links is a great option, as it has something to offer to all its residents.